Cimarossa Winery

Cimarossa Winery


Their story began with a dream to find an idyllic setting on which to build a hobby vineyard, for the simple pleasure of producing exemplary wine for family and friends. Hoping to find a place that would conjure memories of the family farm in northern Italy, a single visit to this property at the top of Howell Mountain confirmed that the place had been found. Its name came naturally, taking inspiration from the land itself: Cimarossa – meaning ‘red hilltop’ in Dino’s native Italian – was born.

The land, perched at 2100 feet on the Vaca range in Napa Valley, was expansive and ripe with potential; 20 years later, it now has mature fruit orchards, more than 1000 olive trees and 15 acres of vineyards. These acres of vines, wrapping around the terraced hillsides, produce five distinct Cabernet Sauvignons and a Nebbiolo, all estate grown. Characterized by the terraced hillside and nuanced terroir, Cimarossa benefits from multiple angles of sun exposure and a diversity of soil. From the pure white volcanic ash of the Riva di Ponente vineyard to the red loam of the Riva di Levante and rocky terrain of the Rian, our wines draw from this unique combination of soil and landscape.

Pouring at the Event

2017 Vingiancu Sauvingnon Blanc | $35

2016 Rive di Cimarossa Estate Cabernet Sauvignon | $85

2016 Buriana Estate Cabernet Sauvignon | $150 | VIP ONLY


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