Theorem Vineyards

Theorem Vineyards


Theorem vineyards seeks to create wines that tell the story of the site and the soils from where they originate. Started by native Houstonians James and Kisha Itkin, a historical property on sixty acres along Diamond Mountain has become a gem for wine afficianados. Along with their winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown, the philosophy is allowing the site to dictate the wine. The unique characteristics from the Diamond and Moon Mountain Estate wines are unique with each block and vintage. The end result has been the creation of complex, captivating, and timeless wines.

Pouring at the Event

2018 Moon Mountain Sauvignon Blanc |$48

2018 Moon Mountain Chardonnay | $58

2017 Diamond Mountain Merlot | $90

2017 Hawk's Prey, Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamond Mountain | $110

2017 Voir Dire, Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamond Mountain | $145 | VIP ONLY

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