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Harumph Wines


Before it even had a name, the makers had bottled their first wine and were anxious to see how it would stack up. So they gathered some friends from the wine biz and held two blind tastings. Facing wines in the $125-$250 range, we knew their wine was up against some serious competition. So when finished first in a tasting, they knew they had something special. Now they needed a name.
While at a dinner party in St. Helena, the host and friend, James Leahy, said something spectacular…something that stuck: “Give the Governor a HARUMPH!”

It was like home…a line from Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles. They took one quick look at each other, and knew they had their name. HARUMPH. While they’ve got great taste in wine, their taste in movies is undeniably awesome.

Co-owners Scotti Stark and Michael DeSantis blend their years of experience in business and wine, along with their slightly nutty personalities, to bring you fabulous wine. Harumph is an über boutique winery that knows no boundaries. It’s a fun label, but there is a serious wine inside. Thank you for your continued support.

Pouring at the Event

2016 Harumph Napa Valley Cabernet | $85

2018 Harumph Sonoma Chardonnay | $55

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